Rocken' It

Linking with Wed Muse # 4 for Toni's prompt ~Busy Body
Today Toni is talking about being busy and asking us, what do we do to rest?
Come join us!


I have the good fortune to work at a library, but it is not any ordinary library, it resides inside a beautiful botanical garden.  We provide different programs to the public for all ages, and many of these are crafty fun projects that have to do with nature.  Recently we had a rock painting craft.   All my co-workers and I have taken such a liking to it, most of us do it in our spare time.  I have found it to be quite relaxing!  Therefore, when I am home and in my comfy PJs cause that is the only way I roll; comfortable, I sit at my second desk, a card table in my writing/ art room, and paint rocks.  I am not very good at it, but it does not seem to stop me.  I love doing it anyway!

Naked with the beauty God gave you
You lay before me
Resting under my awkward grace
My brush strokes you blue
Until you are a true star
You wink and give a kiss with rouge lips
 and my brush rests in its dixie cup pool
now you dance upon eyes
cause you are ready to rock!


Fireblossom said…
Rock stars that are actually rocks! I love it.
Carrie Van Horn said…
LOL Thank you Shay! :-)
tonispencer said…
Wow. What a wonderful place to work! A library is the bomb but in a botanical garden...way beyond. I like the rocks you have painted. So very cool. And your description of it is super wonderful.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Thank you Toni! You are right I am very lucky to work where I do. I am thrilled you like the rocks I have painted. I second guess each one I do.