Friends, Sisters, Mothers

Linda and me Christmas 2017

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard

When I first met my first husband’s ex-wife, Linda Keen Thackeray, one could say the whole situation was quite complicated.  These kinds of meetings are always awkward, filled with preconceived ideas, and hard feelings.  No one is enthused to meet their ex’s new love interest.  It was awkward, and it did not get off to a perfect start, but in essence it was not all that complicated, in fact it was quite simple.  It was the beginning of one of the most important relationships of my life. 

Once we got past the initial first couple of meetings, we gradually developed a friendship.  When she would bring the kids for the weekend, since we did not have a car at the time, she would take me to the store, and we would discuss our mutual friend; her ex, my boyfriend.  It always led to some laughter, and quite a few “Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean” comments.  I am certain that he was not always over joyed over us spending time together, at least in the beginning.   He knew it meant he was the subject, and that could probably be a bad thing for him. 

As years passed, our relationship grew.  We were not just simple friends, we were family.  We had 3 children that looked to us as parents.  Of course, she was Mom number 1, and the love of their lives, and I understand that.  Being a very insecure person, it was not always an easy fact for me to acknowledge, but through the years, I have learned to embrace it.  No one can ever replace a true mom, and she has always been a wonderful one. 

It has been 36 years since those first few meetings back in 1982.  We have been through some wonderful times and some very devastating losses.  She has been a true friend, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and the true essence of what family truly is.  We have truly defied the odds of what family means and what can truly be successful.  When you have two people that are kind and caring then anything is possible.  We have been blessed to see that first hand, and it is a true gift that has passed from one generation to another.

I love you Linda Keen!  Thank you for being a true friend, sister and the best co-mother ever!


Amber Whitworth said…
I love this! And I love both of you, my moms, very much. ~Amber
David said…
I love this! Best 2 Moms ever!
Carrie Van Horn said…
We love you both Amber and David!! Wonderful kids and wonderful adults. I have been blessed to have such wonderful kids in my life. Each one sweet and a true blessing. You all have taught me so much about love!
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