The Ripples in the Water Push Outward

Digital artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein

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brought to us by Susan
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Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. ~Juvenal, Satires

Everything has an effect on something
The ripples in the water push outward
The sun can burn
Plants can die
The rain can flood
Trees swept away
The wind can destroy
What man has made
For cowardice can kill a man
And complacency can kill many

If the runners at the back try to run to the exit door, the ones in front get trampled upon
The same is true for nature and man
If the ones that came before us do not think about our existence
Then the ones that come later will reap the affects in some way
Everything we do has an outcome
The ripples in the water push outward
Be it good or be it bad
All things must be considered
And nothing left to chance
The future is in our hands!

©Carrie Van Horn 2019


Anjum Wasim Dar said…
beautiful Carrie, the water effects on your blog is simply amazing..hope you are doing wishes and Happy writing
Susan said…
"The ripples in the water push outward"
Yes. My understanding of this line changed as I read, and the amassed effect of the poem stopped me for several minutes. It is that dire! And the inaction of today will move the next generations to places I dread to think of.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the correlation between the ripples pushing outward and our present actions affecting our grandchildren and great-grandchildren - something aboriginal people have always understood. So nice to see you, Carrie.
Marja said…
The ripples in the water push outward Everything we say and do brings forth a ripple, has a consequence. Great wisdom We should take full responsibility for our lives The future is indeed in our hands :) Beautiful
Sumana Roy said…
I think only a handful of humans are unfeeling, irresponsible and greedy but they have the power and money. Thus such a sorrow state as we're in. Hope the situation changes. I love the ripple line. So beautifully put.
Yvonne Osborne said…
Nice! I like your analogy of running for the exit door.
Khaya Ronkainen said…
Yes, the ripple effect of our complacency will leave no place for future generations.
Great analog and wisdom in your poem. Like the art accompanying it, too.
Old Egg said…
Yes, the future is in our hands but the governments we elect must be selected according to their realisation that something must be done to ensure the our survival with the rest of the Earth and its inhabitants, the seas, forests and a climate we don't affect. In everything we do we should ask the question "Is it good for the Earth?"
‘Ripples in the water push outward’

Excellent poem, Carrie!