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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Linking with Poets United Wonder Wednesday E=mc2

"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
 you can live as if everything is a miracle."
~Albert Einstein

Brilliance is not a newly cut diamond,
but the glistening eyes of a child so full of hope.

Brilliance is not a scientific theory,
but the enlightening that can occur
in the colliding of two souls.

Brilliance is not an orchestrated opus,
but the deep flutter of the leaves
that only the forest can compose.

Brilliance is not a numeric formula,
but the unmeasurable capacity
of what the heart can hold.

This is a re-post from my other blog.  It fit too well for the prompt for me not to dig in the archives.


Mary said...

Yes, so true. Brilliance is what a heart can hold. You have explained it well.

Ella said...

I love this and I'm so glad you went and found it! Thank you :D
I love these lines:

"Brilliance is not an orchestrated opus,
but the deep flutter of the leaves
that only the forest can compose."

Brilliant verse through the whole poem! Love it @>--------

Libby Meador said...

Love the poem. Also your header quote and picture. I wish I could paint my world an ocean with seagulls. Plenty of sweat and tears at my place, though, and miracles.

Green Speck said...

I truly agree with you :-)

The Unknowngnome said...

You definitely have that brilliance!

This shines.

thecheesewolf said...

Like a diamond. Beautiful piece.

Shivani Ahuja said...

A beautiful piece..

Dave King said...

An almost perfect little poem.
(Almost I take out the "almost"!)

Shadow said...

love it!!!

A Lady's Life said...

Two ways to live
One way is to see everything as a miracle or the other to see nothing as a miracle.
I love this because it's so true.
Life is a dream and passes so quickly.

Ashley Nichole said...

Awe, I love it!

Chris said...

Great piece of writing here! Glad you introduced me to your wonderful blog! Thank you