Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Follow Hope's Tracks

Puddle, 1952, M.C. Escher

The Mag #122

"If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination, which would you choose?"  ~Robert Brault,

Trudge forward brave soldier with the fearless puddle stomping of a child.
Plow through the sludge like a bulldozer pushing deep into the wild.
Life is messy with plenty of beautiful lessons down many muddy paths.
You can turn around or stop, but what is the use in that?
We are all in a journey that either progresses or lags behind.
The roads we take are opportunities that we can lose or we can find.
So take each step courageously and get back up when you slip and fall.
For life is a big puddle of tests and learning that is meant for us all.