Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Willow Manor Ball

As you can see I am dining with Wilson at the Willow ball tonight.
He has always wanted to attend a ball, and me being the kind soul that I am, I just could not turn him down.

This is the neclace that he was wanting me to wear, but i refused!

I insisted on something more elogant and quiet.

These are the shoes he wanted me to dance in, but I put my foot down on this one!

So I compromised with these.

Betty Boop is modeling the beautiful dress I will wear...isn't she lovely?

And last but not least...these are the gloves I chose for the ball.  Wilson prefers gloves to rings and things like that. After all he is a little sensitive.

Thank you for inviting me Willow...we are having a ball!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Within One Gardenia's Bloom

She sits in waiting under a radiant sun
amongst her garden of friends
she knows her love will someday come
as sure as the autumn wind
she needs no manicure lipstick nor pearls
she will wear no garment in red
she is truly a natural kind of girl
and she is already dressed to wed
she will not spritz a touch of perfume
to beckon her lovers call
for she keeps her own within her bloom
for God has taken care of it all.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Too Busy Counting

I never smelled the glory in the flowers,
for I was too busy counting the weeds.

I never heard the words of sincerity,
for I was too busy counting the schemes.

I never took in the breathtaking sunset,
for I was too busy counting the days.

I never noticed the detail in the quilt,
for I was too busy counting the frays.

I never saw the majesty in the night,
for I was too busy counting the stars.

I never accepted the beauty in myself,
for I was too busy counting the scars.

I never enjoyed holding the wonderful gift,
for I was too busy counting the cost.

I never appreciated all my many blessings,
for I was too busy counting all that was lost.